What the f-stop! Test your photographic knowledge in our weekly quiz #3

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How good is your photographic knowledge? Do you know your f-stop from your stop bath? Our new weekly quiz will test you out with 10 fun multiple-choice questions. How well will you do?

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1 The Leica M range of rangefinder cameras is popular amongst street photographers (as well as monarchs). But what does the M stand for?

a Mirrorless

b Messsucher

c Maastricht

d Messerspiegel

(Image credit: Paramount Pictures/Getty Images)

2 Which Alfred Hitchcock film stars James Stewart as a wheelchair-bound photographer?

a Psycho 

b Dial M for Murder

c The Birds

d Rear Window

3 Which of these is used to calculate depth of field?

a Circle of Confusion

b Circle of Willis

c Circle of life

d Circle of excellence

4 Which of these filters do landscape photographers use to ensure that the foreground in the shot does not appear too dark?

a Neutral density (or ND)

b Ultraviolet (or UV)

c Linear polariser

d Graduated neutral density (or ND grad)

5 Color temperature is measured in Kelvin. If a light source is 2000K, what colour is that most likely to appear to us and to a camera?

a Purple

b Green

c Orange

d Blue

6 What is Pictbridge?

a An electronic version of a right-angle finder

b Way of printing images from your camera without using a computer

c Trade name for a type of gimbal head, used for supporting heavy lenses on a tripod

d Obsolete camera that is half-way between a compact and an SLR

7 What are the millions of individual light-sensitive cells on a camera’s sensor called, which are often mistakenly referred to as pixels?

a Photocells 

b Photoreactors

c Photosites

d Photons

8 Which type of lens will give you the most depth of field?

a Wide-angle

b Telephoto

c Fisheye

d Macro

9 Which of these is not a digital image format

A .png 

B .dng

C .tif

D .ppi

10 If you grab a still image from a 4K video, how many pixels it contain?

a  4 million 

b 8 million

c 16 million

d It depends on the resolution of the camera’s sensor

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